Linux Cluster

The Bauer Core hosts a cluster of more than 150 networked Linux computers, with many biological applications and databases installed, as well as some more general scientific and programming software.

Getting an Account

Accounts are free for members of FAS.
The account covers:

  • Individual user accounts for members of the research group
  • 10 GB of disk storage space for each research group
  • Daily file backups
  • Access to applications and databases hosted and maintained on the cluster by the research computing group.
  • Access to web-based applications hosted by the research computing group.

Additional group or individual storage space is available for a fee.

Please see the High Performance Technical Computing website for informationg on getting an account.

Using the Cluster

Users connect to the cluster by logging in to (Note: is not a web page.) You can connect to the cluster using a secure shell program: ssh on UNIX, the Terminal application on Mac, or a program like PuTTY on Windows. Transfer files to and from the cluster with secure FTP. In order to run jobs (programs) on the cluster, you need to "submit" them to the LSF job queueing system. For more information on these topics, see below.

Resources Available on the Cluster

A large set of applications and databases have been installed on the Linux cluster and are available to Harvard research groups. A few of the popular applications are:

  • BLAST (NCBI and WU)
  • Primer3
  • Bioperl
  • GMEP
  • Mathematica
Databases include GenBank, UniProt (aka Swiss-Prot), NCBI blast databases, and more. The Resource List has more information on these and other computational resources provided by the Computational Biology Group.


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